mariano loiacono noneto hot house

  1. IF I SHOULD LOSE YOU (R. Rainger – L. Robin) 04:41
  2. MILESTONES (J. Lewis) 05:09
  3. GROOVIN´ HIGH (D. Gillespie) 04:28
  4. YOU´RE MY EVERYTHING (H. Warren – J. Young – M. Dixon) 05:35
  5. LAMENT (J.J. Johnson) 05:46
  6. THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT (J. Kern – D. Fields) 04:32
  7. BLUE AND SENTIMENTAL (C. Basie – M. David – J. Livingston) 04:54
  8. INDIAN SUMMER (V. Herbert – A. Dubin) 05:37
  9. IN YOUR OWN SWEET WAY (D. Brubeck) 05:53
  10. I FALL IN LOVE TOO EASILY (J. Styne – S. Cahn) 02:35

Tiempo Total: 49:09

Jerónimo Carmona Contrabajo
Guillermo Romero Piano en 2,5 y 9
Marcelo Gutfraind Guitarra eléctrica en 4 y 8
Mariano Loiacono Flugelhorn en 3 y 6
Sebastián Loiacono Saxo tenor en 1 y 7

Grabado en estudios Sound Rec, Buenos Aires, el 16 de junio de 2013

Técnico de Grabación: Ricardo Sanz y Carlos Melero
Asistente de Grabación: Francisco Rodríguez Amenábar
Mezcla y Mastering: Ricardo Sanz
Arte de Tapa: Federico Peñalva
Fotografías: Horacio Sbaraglia
Producción Artística: Jerónimo Carmona, Mariano Loiacono, Sebastián Loiacono, Marcelo Gutfraind y Guillermo Romero
Producción General: Justo Lo Prete


” Jazz listeners familiar with the characteristic sound and aesthetic of Argentinian label Rivorecords will know the deep, swinging sound of bassist Jerónimo Carmona, who has been a strong presence on many releases on the label, including albums by pianists Ernesto Jodos and Paula Shocron. With Lament, Carmona gets the chance to step into the spotlight himself. 

Lament is conceived as a duo album, but it isn’t a duo album in the traditional sense. Instead, the album consists of a series of duets between the bassist and the musical voices of saxophonist Sebastián Loiacono, flugelhorn-player Mariano Loiacono, pianist Guillermo Romero and guitarist Marcelo Gutfraind. 

Romero plays with the mournful sensitivity of pianist Bill Evans on “Lament” and the crisp chords of guitarist Gutfraind add an extra touch of sophistication on “Indian Summer” while Mariano Loiacono’s warm flugelhorn swings fluorescently on a relaxed interpretation of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Groovin’ High” where the bassist’s walking bass patterns and precise punctuations on the theme is a joy to behold. 

Throughout the album, Carmona underlines why he is in demand as a sideman. It is primarily his sense of space that makes him such a good bassist. He makes the grooves grow organically out of the air. 

The album ends with a strong solo interpretation of “I Fall in Love Too Easily” and indeed it is also easy to fall in love with the music on Lament “.


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