In Walked Francis


  1. HOW HIGH THE MOON (M. Lewis – N. Hamilton) 03:22
  2. ARTHUR´S BLUES (F. Lo Vuolo) 05:19
  3. IN WALKED BUD (Th. Monk) 03:35
  4. RUBY MY DEAR (Th. Monk) 06:36
  5. STAR EYES (D. Raye – G. De Paul) 04:05
  6. CRY ME A RIVER (A. Hamilton) 05:46
  7. EASY LIVING (R. Rainger – L. Robin) 05:39
  8. I´M OLD FASHIONED (J. Kern – J. Mercer) 03:50
  9. ´ROUND MIDNIGHT (C. Williams – Th. Monk – B. Hanighen) 05:38

Tiempo Total: 43:50

Francisco Lo Vuolo Piano

Grabado en AGUARIBAY, Buenos Aires, el 2 de noviembre de 2013

Técnico de Grabación: Hernán Bruckner y Carlos Melero
Arte de Tapa: Federico Peñalva
Fotografías: Horacio Sbaraglia
Producción Artística: Francisco Lo Vuolo y Justo Lo Prete
Producción General: Justo Lo Prete
Mezclado y masterizado: Néstor Stazzoni, con FOCAL MONITORS SM9


” Sometimes the title of a record reveals that the music is something special. This is indeed the case with Argentinian pianist Francisco Lo Vuolo’s solo piano album In Walked Francis

Lo Vuolo brings his superbly swinging sense of rhythmic surprise and melodic feel to the table and plays with a refreshing rebellious passion that would have made Monk proud. 

Lo Vuolo also plays his own original “Arthur’s Blues,” a smoky ballad with a deep blue feeling and playful twists and turns. Here, it is easy to imagine the pianist sitting late at night in a little bar, playing his music while people are sipping wine. The piano sings and all ears are suddenly listening as Lo Vuolo walks around the keys and makes the notes bloom like beautiful flowers. For a moment, forget Bud Powell, forget Thelonious Monk. This is Francis Lo Vuolo taking his own musical walk”.

Jakob Baekgaard - All About Jazz (